Middle East History Changes 2015

“The Rand McNally era of the Middle East has ended.” The Long Road to Hell: America in Iraq Podcast from GPS, Fareed Zakari on CNN, 43 minutes packed with fact based, primary sourced, thoughtfully analyzed, information.   It is not dry, overly intellectual, or agenda driven.    http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/8/6652/e/41830931?eid=41830931&refid=asi_fb Episode Info: President George W. Bush had a… Read More Middle East History Changes 2015

What about the “other” immigrants?

Future Uncertain for Asian Americans in the U.S. Published November 26, 2014 Voice of America In the debate about immigration in the United States, one group often overlooked is the estimated 1.3 million illegal immigrants from Asia. President Barack Obama’s recent executive order can provide a temporary reprieve from deportation to about 400,000 of these…

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Haiti update

“Three years ago in Haiti, as the country struggled to recover from a devastating earthquake, a river near a United Nations base was poisoned with cholera; hundreds of thousands of people have been infected. Inigo Gilmore of Independent Television News investigates the allegations about the spread of the disease by UN soldiers.”  Listened to Haitians… Read More Haiti update