Reagan on Amnesty

  I laugh every time I hear conservatives praise the great Reagan.  Obama has copied so much from him.  Obama used to quote and credit Reagan in the beginning of the 2008 campaign.  I noticed at the time, he stopped doing that.  Under advice no doubt, because he thought it was a strong point for…

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Ferguson Missouri 2014 mapping tragedy

Bloomberg Businessweek What does a map have to do with a riot? Everything, in the case of Ferguson, Mo., where a police officer shot dead a black teenager, some residents looted and rioted, and police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. See video to understand St. Louis and Ferguson from a more tangible perspective:…

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Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner – 1869

This Thomas Nast cartoon, published in the November 20, 1869 issue of Harper’s Weekly, celebrates the ethnic diversity and envisions the political equality of citizens of the American republic. Joining the Thanksgiving Day feast of hosts Uncle Sam (carving the turkey on the far-right) and Columbia (seated on the far-left) are Americans from all over the world: German,…

Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving Dinner – 1869 was originally published on It Matters

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