To the Democratic Party – a concise reminder of who you are

In light of the season: the upcoming national party political conventions and the calamitous presidential race of 2016, we need a break.  Something worthy, compelling, intelligent. A reminder to all invested in upright governance and social justice.  What seems difficult to define becomes more succinct and substantial when you listen to Barbara Jordan.  A black… Read More To the Democratic Party – a concise reminder of who you are

China’s Muslim Theme Park

A curator of a museum of the Hui experience is faced with a difficult task. He or she must convey that Chinese Muslims have always been linked to the wider Islamic world, while still demonstrating that their primary loyalties are to the Chinese nation. The exhibits must reinforce that the Hui have always been integrated into Chinese society, while giving the impression that the Chinese Communist Party has done more to advance their status than did previous regimes.… Read More China’s Muslim Theme Park

Monsanto GMO crops fuel economic and food poverty

Monsanto is developing and cultivating GMOs globally to address impending food shortages by producing crops used primarily for processed food, animal feed and fuel. Buzzword “GMOs”.  Not really my comfort zone, what little I had read was what I considered oversimplified, complicated, science – genetics and chemistry, pesticides, fertilizers, and theories.  I discovered that I… Read More Monsanto GMO crops fuel economic and food poverty

Stop Blaming Teachers

“The U.S. has a tendency, when there’s an economic or social crisis, to affix unfair blame on public-school teachers.”CREDITPHOTOGRAPH BY CAROLYN DRAKE / MAGNUM A reality check – about our education system, values, the blame game, manipulation, and poverty.  The entire piece is not long and is a worthy read.  It rings true and painful.…

Stop Blaming Teachers was originally published on It Matters |the site

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