Bush Cheney era: a house divided

I don’t know how to stop this from auto-play, sorry!
( I eliminated the video embed because it starts playing when pages load. ) 

Brief narratives of George W Bush and Dick Cheney:
video – http://bcove.me/ql667o60

A balanced presentation – no lefty rant nor praise from the right.  A brief, captivating, explanation and insight into the two men’s world views, and how that effected their decisions/opinions on policy.  The divergence that only increased between them as the administration moved forward.  And the legacy of the Bush administration.  Very interesting and about 4 minutes long.

Presented by the author of Days of Fire, the history of Bush and Cheney in the White House, Peter Baker,  on The Economist.

Go here to watch the 4 minute video – http://bcove.me/ql667o60 



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