due process

When I read about Jonathan Ferrell I was shocked. When I saw his photo I was not. Very painful.

This is Jonathan Ferrell. He was in a serious car accident 2:30am, Saturday, in N. Carolina. He had crawled through the back window of his car and made his way to a nearby house. The woman who answered the door called the police for him.

When the police arrived, Jonathan was perhaps so excited to see help that he ran to them. Unarmed. He was shot dead, after being tazed.

Jonathan was 24. He had been a football player at Florida A&M. He had just gotten engaged. “He was described as a peaceful, loving and gracious person with a bright future”.

The officer, Randall Kerrick, that killed him has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. In most cases like this the officer does not serve jail time nor a sentence. Some return to active duty. There is a public call to prevent Officer Kerrick from returning to the force.

Jonathan had no arrest recored and was not known as a violent person.

– from Facebook

Read more: at CNN Charlotte police kill ex-FAMU player who may have been running to them for help20130915-193350.jpg


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