‘kill the Indian, save the man’

The system called ‘kill the Indian, save the man‘ still exists.  A system which shipped American Indian children off to boarding schools, in order to assimilate them by eliminating their native heritage.  To replace the lost heritage with Anglo American culture and values, while isolating them and treating them as less than citizens.

Nearly 700 Native American children in South Dakota are being removed from their homes every year, sometimes in questionable circumstances.

In South Dakota, where American Indians make up less than 15 percent of the state’s child population, 60 percent of the state’s foster care population is American Indian children.

From Native Foster Care: Lost Children, Shattered Families  – an NPR.org special series

A part of the series:

A Fight For Her Grandchildren Mirrors A Native Past

Suzanne Crow fought the state of South Dakota for three years to get custody of her two grandchildren, even becoming a licensed foster care provider in the meantime. Despite her efforts, it took three years for her grandchildren to be returned to their family in Minnesota.

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